Ebrahim A. Badran

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This paper introduces a detailed model for the inverter-based shunt reactive power compensator. The proposed model of the STATic COMpensator (STATCOM) consists of two six-pulse converters connected in series on the ac side. The phase control technique is implemented. The main parts of the compensator system are modeled as separate parts. So, the model can(More)
It is essential that the insulation system of the overhead distribution lines should be properly designed to ensure their immunity against lightning-induced overvoltages (LIOVs) caused by nearby return strokes. Therefore, accurate calculation of the peak values of LIOVs is important for the insulation design. In this paper, a formula is proposed to(More)
Due to the current spreading of wind farms all over the world and their vulnerability to lightning strikes, it is important to investigate the lightning electromagnetic transients in wind farms. Underground cables are one of the essential parts in wind farms that link the turbines with the electrical grid. This paper investigates how the ground conductivity(More)
Worldwide many electrical equipment insulation failures have been reported caused by switching operations, while those equipments had previously passed all the standard tests and complied with all quality requirements. The problem is mostly associated with high-frequency overvoltages generated during opening or closing of a switching device. The transients(More)
Lightning protection system (LPS) for wind power generation has become an important public issue due to greatly increasing installations of wind turbines (WTs) worldwide. Grounding system is one of the most important components required for appropriate LPS for WTs. Although the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method for solving Maxwell`s equations is(More)
Wind power plants are one of the most widespread sources of electric energy during the last few decades. Wind towers are quite often exposed to lightning strikes due to their tall height and long blades. In this paper, the lightning-induced voltages (LIVs) on a three-phase overhead line are computed for both first and subsequent strokes to a nearby grounded(More)
This paper introduces an artificial neural netw (GIS). Faults in GIS have to be located and classified as soon as possible to start the processes of reconfiguration and restoration of the normal power supply. A practical case study is an represents a critical generation point in the Egyptian Electric Power Network. Firstly, the layout of the Talkha 220 kV(More)
The rapid expansion of wind power generation has brought problems involving lightning strikes to the fore. Many such incidents have damaged not only the wind turbine that was actually struck, but also other turbines that were not. The phenomenon of surge invasion to the distribution line is categorized as “back-flow surge”. It has been reported that this(More)
It is important for the proper insulation design of the distribution system that lightning-induced overvoltages ( LIOVs) are accurately computed. This paper investigates the impact of ground resistivity, considering wide range up to 20 kΩm, on LIOVs impinging an overhead line due to nearby return stroke using the three-dimensional finite difference(More)
This paper introduces an artificial neural network (ANN) approach for the detection and identification of lightning-caused very fast transient (VFT) in gas insulated substation (GIS). VFT in GIS can be due to faults, lightning and switching operations. VFT in GIS has to be located and classified as soon as possible to start the processes of reconfiguration(More)
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