Ebonie Williams

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OBJECTIVE 'Verbal autopsy' (VA) is used to ascertain cause of death in countries where vital registration systems are lacking. Current VA methods for neonatal deaths vary widely and suffer from several limitations. We aimed to: (1) review current neonatal VA methods, (2) identify gaps and limitations, (3) illustrate some limitations using VA data and (4)(More)
error prone. It was demonstrated repeatedly, that SMV is a very powerful and efficient specification proofreader. Model checking with SMV has sufficient capacity to analyze complete specifications of real-life directory based cache coherency protocols, within the aggressive time schedule of a computer design project. It helped us find several problems in(More)
Breath analysis in respiratory disease is a non-invasive technique which has the potential to complement or replace current screening and diagnostic techniques without inconvenience or harm to the patient. Recent advances in ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) have allowed exhaled breath to be analysed rapidly, reliably and robustly thereby facilitating larger(More)
Content Management Systems (CMS) simplify the process of web content creation, publication, and management. Many CMS platforms are extensible via third party developed applications providing additional functionality such as search, site navigation, and location services. However, most CMS platforms don't have manageable access control mechanisms that(More)
Severe Sillence type II/III Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) is a lethal or severely crippling disease with either autosomal dominant or recessively inherited type I collagen mutations. Here we describe the detailed clinical features of a thin-ribbed OI variant with deformed limbs. The three consecutively affected children showed no genetic linkage with either(More)