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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of a preseason physical training programme that taught landing and falling skills in improving landing skills technique and preventing injury in junior elite Australian football players. METHODS 723 male players who participated in an under 18 elite competition were studied prospectively in a non-randomised(More)
OBJECTIVES To implement an injury recording protocol in a junior elite Australian Football competition and determine the injury profile of this population. DESIGN Longitudinal cohort study. METHODS Players from an elite Under 18 Australian Football competition were tracked throughout one football season in terms of participation or non-participation in(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish the relationship between the history of hip and groin injuries in elite junior football players prior to elite club recruitment and the incidence of hip and groin injuries during their elite career. DESIGN Retrospective cohort study. SETTING Analysis of existing data. PARTICIPANTS 500 Australian Football League (AFL) players(More)
Tendons are designed to absorb and transfer large amounts of tensile load. The well organised, strong yet flexible, extracellular matrix allows for this function. Many tendons are also subject to compressive loads, such as at the entheses, as the tendon wraps around bony protuberances or from internal compression during tensile loading or twisting.(More)
In September 2010, the first International Scientific Tendinopathy Symposium (ISTS) was held in Umeå, Sweden, to establish a forum for original scientific and clinical insights in this growing field of clinical research and practice. The second ISTS was organised by the same group and held in Vancouver, Canada, in September 2012. This symposium was preceded(More)
Summarise the progress of junior Australian football (AF) injury research in line with the six stages of the 'Translating Research into Injury Prevention Practice' (TRIPP) model, in order to direct future research for the area. Systematically searched narrative review. Bibliographic research databases (Medline, PubMed, Scopus, and SPORTDiscus™) were used to(More)
OBJECTIVES Australian Football (AF) is a collision sport containing high injury rates in junior competition. Successful performance at the elite junior level not only requires superior specific football knowledge and skills, but also well developed fitness qualities. However, no studies have examined the link between physical fitness qualities and injury in(More)
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