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The demand of electrical energy is continuously increasing. High phase order transmission system is a viable alternative due to increasing costs of right of way. Six phase transmission lines can carry more power for same phase to phase voltage with the same right of way economically. Protection of six phase transmission lines has been a very challenging(More)
This paper presents a fault classification technique based on Haar Wavelet Transform (WT) and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for six phase transmission line against phase to phase faults. The approximation & detailed coefficients of voltage & current signals are extracted using Haar WT. The standard deviation (SD) of approximated coefficient of(More)
Restrictions on right of way and increasing power demand has boosted development of six phase transmission. It offers a viable alternative for transmitting more power, without major modification in existing structure of three phase double circuit transmission system. Inspite of the advantages, low acceptance of six phase system is attributed to the(More)
The six phase transmission line has received considerable attention in recent times as an alternative to the three phase transmission, since it possess several advantages over three phase transmission line. Six-phase transmission line can provide same power transfer capability as three phase on a smaller right-ofway, for the same electric field and audible(More)
The demand for electricity is ever increasing. To meet this ever increasing demand, six phase line can be a possible alternative to increase the transmission line capacity of existing line with the same right of way. This paper presents a Artificial Neural Network based protection scheme for detection and classification of all one conductor open faults in(More)
To overcome the constraints on land availability, infrastructure and environmental problems, six-phase transmission lines have been proposed as a potential alternative to increase the power transfer capability of existing transmission lines without major modification in the existing structure of three-phase double-circuit system. The non-availability of a(More)
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