Eberhard von Goldammer

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Purpose—Bateson's model of classifying different types of learning will be analyzed from a logical and technical point of view. While learning_0 has been realized for chess playing computers, learning I turns out today as the basic concept of artificial neural nets (ANN). All models of ANN are basically (non linear) data filters, which is the idea behind(More)
Proton spin-lattice relaxation times of pyridine and 1-methylimidazole complexed on Fe(III)protoporphyrin IX dimethyl ester, Fe(III)tetraphenylporphyrin in chloroform and on metmyoglobin in 2H2O have been measured. Caused by chemical exchange of the ligand molecules into the bulk solvent phase, the decay of their MZ-magnetization is given by a superposition(More)
The solution conformations of adenosine, guanosine and inosine in liquid ND3 have been determined by NMR. Comparison of the Karplus analysis of the proton HR spectra of the ribose moiety obtained in this solvent with the data from aqueous solutions of A and I proves that the conformations of the nucleosides are very similar in both liquids. From the(More)
Proton nuclear magnetic resonance shifts, spin-lattice and spin-spin relaxation times have been measured of low-spin bis-pyridine ferriprotoporphyrin(IX) dimethyl ester in chloroform. From the relaxation behavior the hyperfine coupling constant has been obtained and the contact term of the chemical shift was calculated. Deviations between measured and(More)
Electron paramagnetic resonance spectra from polycrystalline samples of Fe III tetraphenylporphyrin with gaseous molecular oxygen at atmospheric pressure have been studied by means of the photoacoustic effect. The different dependency of the signal amplitudes on the modulation frequency and the phase shift between the absorption lines of the solid and(More)
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