Eberhard Wolf

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Significant levels of adenovirus (Ad)-mediated gene transfer occur only in immature muscle or in regenerating muscle, indicating that a developmentally regulated event plays a major role in limiting transgene expression in mature skeletal muscle. We have previously shown that in developing mouse muscle, expression of the primary Ad receptor CAR is severely(More)
The composition of collagen was analyzed and the degree of lysyl hydroxylation of individual collagen chains was determined in four osteosarcomas and two osteofibrous dysplasias. In addition, the tumor proliferation (number of mitoses, proliferating-nuclear-antigen-positive cells, MIB) as well as the response to chemotherapy (morphological regression grade)(More)
GENERATION OF MICE DEFICIENT FOR THE LYMPHOCYTESPECIFIC G-PROTEIN-COUPLED RECEPTOR BLR1 Mattis, A., Wolf, E., Kaiser, E., Ftrster, R. and Lipp, M. The G-Protein-coupled receptor (BLR1), initially identified in Burkitt's ]ymphoma (BL) cells, is the first lymphocyte-specific member of the gene family characterized by seven transmembrane-spanning regions. BLR(More)
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