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Membrane electroporation is the method to directly transfer bioactive substances such as drugs and genes into living cells, as well as preceding electrofusion. Although much information on the microscopic mechanism has been obtained both from experiment and simulation, the existence and nature of possible intermediates is still unclear. To elucidate(More)
We reported recently that albumin is a suitable drug carrier for targeted delivery of methotrexate (MTX) to tumors. Due to pathophysiological conditions in neoplastic tissue, high amounts of albumin accumulate in tumors and are metabolized by malignant cells. MTX, covalently coupled to human serum albumin (MTX-HSA) for cancer treatment, is currently being(More)
Intact and osmotically sensitive cells of Corynebacterium glutamicum can be efficiently transformed by electroporation. This was shown by using the plasmid vector pUL-330 (5.2 kb), containing the kanamycin resistance gene of transposon Tn5. The following electric parameters yielded efficient transformation. For intact cells: one exponentially decaying field(More)
The application of electric field pulses to Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells causes membrane electroporation (MEP). If a voltage or current ramp is applied to the cellular membrane of a single CHO cell, the membrane conductance increases nonlinearly with field strength reaching saturation. In particular, the kinetics of the induced conductance changes(More)
The results of electrooptical and conductometrical measurements on unilamellar lipid vesicles (of mean radius a = 90 nm), filled with 0.2 M NaCl solution, suspended in 0.33 M sucrose solution of 0.2 mM NaCl, and exposed to a stepwise decaying electric field (time constant τE = 154 μs) in the range 10 ≤ E0 (kV cm(-1)) ≤ 90, are analyzed in terms of cyclic(More)
  • R A B Ockmann, S W I Siu, S Leis, B L De Groot, S Kakorin, E Neumann +13 others
  • 2008
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