Eberhard Malkowsky

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A classification of all four-circulant extremal codes of length 32 over F2 + uF2 is done by using four-circulant binary self-dual codes of length 32 of minimum weights 6 and 8. As Gray images of these codes, a substantial number of extremal binary self-dual codes of length 64 are obtained. In particular a new code with β = 80 in W64,2 is found. Then(More)
Visualisation and animation are of vital importance for the modern methods in mathematical education. They strongly support the understanding of concepts in mathematics and physics. We think that the application of a commercial graphics software package is neither a satisfactory approach for the illustration of the theoretical concepts, nor can it be used(More)
whenever the series are convergent for all n≥ 1. For any given subsets X , Y of s, we will say that the operator represented by the infinite matrix A = (anm)n,m≥1 maps X into Y that is A∈ (X ,Y), if (i) the series defined by An(x)= ∑∞ m=1 anmxm are convergent for all n≥ 1 and for all x ∈ X ; (ii) Ax ∈ Y for all x ∈ X . If c ⊂ cA = {x : Ax ∈ c},A is(More)