Eberhard Leidig

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OBJECTIVES Use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in children is common and probably increasing. However little is known about differences between healthy and chronically ill children with a focus on prevalence, reasons for use/non-use, costs, adverse effects and socio-demographic factors. DESIGN A questionnaire-based survey with 500(More)
Alloimmune thrombocytopenia in newborns may lead to severe bleeding. Most often this thrombocytopenia is caused by incompatibility in the PlA system (mother PlA1 negative, child PlA1 positive). If the mother produces antibodies against PlA1 which cross the placenta, they will then destroy the child's platelets. Recent investigations have shown a strong(More)
In newborn with cleft lip and palate malformation real time ultrasound examinations of the position and volubility of the tongue were performed. By comparative studies before and after putting in an orthopaedic appliance, the function and effectivity of this prosthesis can be demonstrated.
Diseases and morphological changes of the adrenal gland play an important role especially in the newborn, because malformations, congenital errors of metabolism, connatal tumours and birth injuries become symptomatic in this period of life. In this paper, the possibilities of neonatal adrenal ultrasonography for diagnosis and in the aspect of differential(More)
The orthodontist's early orthopaedic treatment of the newborn focuses on cleft palate infants and children with Down's syndrome. In more than 100 malformation syndromes, orofacial clefting occurs. The problem of syndrome diagnosis is discussed by way of clinical examples (Robin syndrome, Stickler syndrome). A case of orofacial digital syndrome serves to(More)
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