Eberhard Günther

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Heat shock or transfection with heat shock protein 70 (Hsp70) genes has been shown to protect tumor cell lines against immune mechanisms of cytotoxicity. We have reported previously that heat shock confers resistance to CTL in the rat myeloma cell line Y3 that is Hsp70 defective. Evidence is now presented that Hsp70 is able to prevent the induction of the(More)
The expression of the H-Y antigen has been tested on several human lymphoid lines and mouse teratocarcinoma cell lines during differentiation. The human male lymphoid cell line Raji is a very useful target for studies of the H-Y antigen by lymphocytotoxicity test with rat anti-H-Y sera. With a few exceptions, all cells carrying the Y chromosome were H-Y(More)
The complement component C4 is well known for its complex genetics in human and mouse where it is part of a tandemly duplicated module. For the rat, no such information had been available until recently. A C4 gene duplication could be identified also in the rat, but the duplicated module maps approximately 200 kb centromerically from the canonical C4-1(More)
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