Eberhard Gülch

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The modeling of three-dimensional objects is a current topic in digital photogrammetric research. The modeling of buildings in digital imagery or digital surface models involving automation processes has reached a level where it can compete with classical photogrammetric stereo measurements. There are many different ways on how to integrate automation. We(More)
A Semi-Automatic Building Extraction system using two or more digitized overlapping aerial images has been enhanced by increased automation for the measurement of saddle-back-roof buildings, hip-roof buildings and boxes. All newly developed modules have been incorporated in the object oriented design of the system. The new methods consist of a ground-point(More)
This paper describes a semi-automatic method for acquiring S A 3 D maps, maps that contain hierarchically structured 3 0 models of static, task relevant objects in the environment. Map acquisition is implemented as a two step process. In theflrst step, the robot acquires an approximate model that represents regions that might contain objects and indicate(More)
The measurement of ground control points is an important task for the absolute orientation of stereo models, for digital aerial triangulation or for the registration of satellite imagery. In the Digital Photogrammetric Systems existing today this task is usually completely performed by a human operator. There exist, however, methods, that can identify(More)
This paper summarizes experiences and views gained through development and application of semi-automatic object extraction and gives recommendations for further developments. The last decade has seen a lot of research efforts in the field of object extraction from aerial imagery and digital surface models from airborne laser scanning. Despite these(More)
Air pollution has several negative consequences to life. The Continuous Air Monitoring Stations (CAMS) can calculate the levels of this contamination, but their range is too small. An alternative for the detection of the pollution is the use of satellites. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS), instrument on board of the satellite Terra(More)
There are a number of approaches in research and development to solve the task of feature extraction in an automated way. In (Gülch, 2000a) a state-of-the art of car tographic feature extraction is given. There is no automatic tool available today to solve the feature extraction in a reliable way in practical topographical applications with a huge variety(More)
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