Eberhard Frank Wunderlich

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The output characteristics of current nebulizer systems are influenced by factors such as inspiratory flow, temperature and relative humidity of the ambient air as well as surface tension of the nebulizing solutions. Due to the resulting alteration of droplet characteristics the delivery of aerosolized drugs is variable. A nebulizer system, the PARI IS-2,(More)
A clinical study investigates the use of Home Monitoring (HM) in pacemaker therapy. For 3 months patients are supervised by daily automatic HM messages. Endpoints are the technical feasibility and the clinical benefit of HM. Ninety three patients have currently been included and followed for 72 +/- 30 days. Three patients were excluded due to insufficient(More)
A report is given on a 39-year-old man, who developed, after a tick bite, erythema, progressing symptoms and, after 3 years, showed the typical clinical and echocardiographic signs of a dilative cardiomyopathy. A serological test for Lyme Borreliosis was positive. Most of the symptoms disappeared after high-dose penicillin therapy.
Innovations in pacing technology, which include the addition of rate-responsive features to programmable pacemakers, can improve the quality of life of patients suffering from sick sinus syndrome. Among the strategies providing rate-adaptive cardiac pacing, the most attractive is the physiological restoration of closed-loop chronotropic control. This paper(More)
INTRODUCTION Cardiovascular complications remain the principal cause of both morbidity and mortality after major vascular surgery. The well-known coincidence between vascular disease and coronary artery disease provided the rationale for a detailed analysis of major perioperative cardiovascular complications in their relation to preoperative and(More)
A 43-year-old woman was hospitalized for fulminant pericarditis. During diagnostic work-up, an as yet unknown bronchial carcinoma was detected. In the pericardial exudate Legionella pneumophila serogroup 3 was demonstrated by direct fluorescent antibody technique and by culture. In a lung biopsy L. pneumophila serogroup 3 was found, too. Using an(More)
Eight cases of Lyme borreliosis of clinical certainty with carditis are reported. In six patients, AV-blocks were predominant, two patients had a myopericarditis. Six acute cases were seropositive, but one case remained seronegative. The titer was border-line in that patient, who was studied 4 years after the acute disease. A Lyme carditis should be(More)
The continuous traction of firmly grown-in collar electrodes from the right ventricle is a simple technique poor in complications with a high success rate, which can be recommended taking into consideration the indications in the failure of the immediate manual extraction and which can be performed in every centre for cardiac pacemakers. Apart from the(More)
It is reported on methods of positioning our former described flow directed thermodilution (TD) catheter by the intracardiac ECG derived from two electrodes, one at the tip of the catheter near the temperature sensor and the other six centimeter proximally of it. The typical criterion of the intracardiac ECG in the outflow tract of the right ventricle and(More)