Eber A. Schmitz

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Use case description has gained a wide acceptance among the many techniques available for information systems requirements specification. However, piecing up all the details required for the production of a high quality use case can be a daunting task, especially for students and novice requirements professionals. This paper presents an approach aiming at(More)
Regulatory compliance of business operations and practices is increasingly becoming an area of great concern for management, costing tens of billions of dollars in compliance actions a year. This paper presents a method for validating business processes with respect to the business rules. In the proposed method, business processes are modeled with UML(More)
— Since the first electronic computers hit the market in the 1950's, governments have been amongst the biggest users of Information Technology (IT) worldwide. Therefore, it is in the general public's best interests that government officials are provided with concepts, methods and tools that help them to optimise the results yielded by IT investments. This(More)