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The management of the Buruli ulcer (BU) in Africa is often accompanied by limited resources, delays in treatment, and macilent capacity in medical facilities. These challenges limit the number of infected individuals that access medical facilities. While most of the mathematical models with treatment assume a treatment function proportional to the number of(More)
This paper presents and examine a mathematical system of equations which describes the dynamics of pine wilt disease (PWD). Firstly, we examine the model with constant controls. Here, we investigate the disease equilibria and calculate the basic reproduction number of the disease. Secondly, we incorporate time dependent controls into the model and then(More)
Mycobacterium ulcerans is know to cause the Buruli ulcer. The association between the ulcer and environmental exposure has been documented. However, the epidemiology of the ulcer is not well understood. A hypothesised transmission involves humans being bitten by the water bugs that prey on mollusks, snails and young fishes. In this paper, a model for the(More)
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