Ebenezer A. Oladimeji

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Ubiquitous computing has the potential to significantly improve the quality of healthcare delivery by making relevant patient health history and vital signs readily available on-demand to caregivers. However, this promise of the ability to track electronic health information signals from distributed ubiquitous devices, conflicts with the security and(More)
A software architecture provides a high-level description of a software solution in terms of the structure, topology, and interactions between its principal components. While a number of formal architectural description languages have been developed, a visual modeling approach seems to be more suitable for practitioners. There is also a lack of established(More)
As information security is increasingly becoming critical for today's computer based systems, there is increasing need for integrating security concerns into the early phases system development processes. As a result, more attention is being drawn to modeling of security goals and their refinements into implementable security policies. With the growing(More)
Developing large software systems by integrating components has a great potential to reduce costs and time to market. However, it also poses serious threats to the nonfunctional aspects of the composed system. One such problem is how to build secure composite system from components which may or may not be individually secure. A systematic approach for(More)
Component-based development (CBD) has a great potential of reducing development cost and time by integrating existing software components. But it also faces many challenges one of which is ensuring interoperability of the components that may have been developed with different functional and non-functional goals. The software community has traditionally(More)
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