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SOFTWARE: no other word so thoroughly connotes the practical and social effects of the digital revolution. Originally, the term was purely technical, and denoted the parts of a computer system that, unlike “hardware,” which was unchangeably manufactured in system electronics, could be altered freely. The first software amounted to the plug configuration of(More)
ASPECTRE is haunting multinational capitalism—the spectre of free information. All the powers of “globalism” have entered into an unholy alliance to exorcize this spectre: Microsoft and Disney, the World Trade Organization, the United States Congress and the European Commission. Where are the advocates of freedom in the new digital society who have not been(More)
of WSIS's stated goals is to examine ways to "protect the free flow of information and communication." Electronic communication systems made the free flows of information a technical possibility on a global scale for an unprecedented, though still insufficient, number of people. Numerous initiatives work to bridge the 'digital divide', to enlarge the number(More)
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