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Anarchism Triumphant: Free Software and the Death of Copyright
This paper shows why free software, far from being a marginal participant in the commercial software market, is the vital first step in the withering away of the intellectual property system. Expand
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Freeing the Mind: Free Software and the Death of Proprietary Culture
The subject matter we’re going to talk about is variously named, and the words have some resonances of importance. I’m going to use the phrase ”Free Software” to describe this material and I’m goingExpand
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The tangled web we have woven
Seeking to protect the fundamental privacy of network interactions.
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The dotCommunist Manifesto
ASPECTRE is haunting multinational capitalism—the spectre of free information. All the powers of “globalism” have entered into an unholy alliance to exorcize this spectre: Microsoft and Disney, theExpand
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The Soul of a New Political Machine: The Online, the Color Line and Electronic Democracy
As W.E.B. DuBois predicted, the problem for American democracy in the twentieth century was the problem of the color line. The color line is still one of the thorniest aspects of the politicalExpand
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Making History: Israeli Law and Historical Reconstruction
  • Eben Moglen
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  • Law and History Review
  • 1 September 2000
As Asher Maoz insightfully points out, governmental involvement in the ascertainment of historical truth—whether in court, by commission of inquiry, or in other ways—is directed at securing approvalExpand
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