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Vitamin B12 (B12; also known as cobalamin) is a cofactor in many metabolic processes; deficiency of this vitamin is associated with megaloblastic anaemia and various neurological disorders. In contrast to many prokaryotes, humans and other mammals are unable to synthesize B12. Instead, a sophisticated pathway for specific uptake and transport of this(More)
Kidney cortex is a main target for circulating vitamin B12 (cobalamin) in complex with transcobalamin (TC). Ligand blotting of rabbit kidney cortex with rabbit 125I-TC-B12 and human TC-57Co-B12 revealed an exclusive binding to megalin, a 600-kDa endocytic receptor present in renal proximal tubule epithelium and other absorptive epithelia. The binding was(More)
OBJECTIVE Soluble CD163 (sCD163) is a new macrophage-specific serum marker. This study investigated sCD163 and other markers of macrophage activation (neopterin, ferritin, transcobalamin, and soluble urokinase plasminogen activator receptor [suPAR]) as prognostic factors in patients with pneumococcal bacteremia. DESIGN Observational cohort study. (More)
PURPOSE To compare the basic proteomic composition of aqueous humour (AH) from patients with corneal rejection (patients) with AH from patients with cataract (controls). METHODS Aqueous humour was analysed for total protein concentration using Bradford's method and for protein composition using two-dimensional (2D) gel electrophoresis. Image analysis was(More)
Twenty-four male Wistar rats, 8 weeks old, were allocated into three groups and treated with human recombinant epidermal growth factor (EGF) administered subcutancously in doses of 0, 30, and 150 μg/kg per day for 4 weeks. Blood sampling was done every 2nd week and urine sampling was done for 2 consecutive days every week. The most striking finding was that(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the relationship between the two diagnostic tests, plasma methylmalonic acid and plasma cobalamins, and their association with plasma creatinine, age and sex. DESIGN Cross-sectional study of simultaneous laboratory measurements. SETTING County of Aarhus, Denmark. SUBJECTS Records on 1689 patients who had their first plasma(More)
BACKGROUND Associations between vitamin B-12 deficiency and impaired cognitive function and depression have been reported. METHODS A randomized placebo controlled study including 140 individuals with an increased plasma methylmalonic acid (0.40-2.00 micromol/l) not previously treated with vitamin B-12. Cognitive function was assessed by the Cambridge(More)
Three proteins, intrinsic factor (IF), transcobalamin (TC), and haptocorrin (HC), all have an extremely high affinity for the cobalamins (Cbls, Kd approximately 5 fM) but discriminate these physiological ligands from Cbl analogues with different efficiencies decreasing in the following order: IF > TC > HC. We investigated interactions of these proteins with(More)
Smoking is associated with an increased incidence of duodenal ulcer with a high relapse rate, and smokers tend to be slow healers. The etiology responsible for this remains unknown, and there is general disagreement as to whether smoking affects gastric secretion. The aim of the present study was to investigate both aggressive and protective factors in(More)
Plasma gastrin concentration increases in late gestation and reaches a peak at birth or shortly after birth in many species ('neonatal hypergastrinaemia'). We investigated the hypothesis that gastrin and gastric acid secretion in the neonate is influenced by the final rise in plasma cortisol associated with spontaneous (vaginal) birth. Caesarean-delivered(More)