Ebad Banissi

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Visual Analytics is the science of analytical reasoning supported by interactive visual interfaces. People use visual analytics tools and techniques to synthesize information; derive insight from massive, dynamic, and often conflicting data; detect the expected and discover the unexpected; provide timely, defensible, and understandable assessments; and(More)
We show that many different set visualization techniques can be extended with the addition of labeled elements using font attributes. Elements labeled with font attributes can: uniquely identify elements; encode membership in ten sets; use size to indicate proportions among set relations; can scale to thousands on clearly labeled elements; and use intuitive(More)
Typography is overlooked in knowledge maps (KM) and information retrieval (IR), and some deficiencies in these systems can potentially be improved by encoding information into font attributes. A review of font use across domains is used to itemize font attributes and information visualization theory is used to characterize each attribute. Tasks associated(More)
Font specific attributes, such as bold, italic and case can be used in knowledge mapping and information retrieval to encode additional data in texts, lists and labels to increase data density of visualiza-tions; encode data quantitative data into search lists; and facilitate text skimming and refinement by visually promoting of words of interest.(More)