Earu Banoth

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In this research work, we introduce a novel approach for phase estimation from noisy reconstructed interference fields in digital holographic interferometry using an unscented Kalman filter. Unlike conventionally used unwrapping algorithms and piecewise polynomial approximation approaches, this paper proposes, for the first time to the best of our(More)
Fast and automated diagnostic devices are bound to play a significant role in the on-going efforts toward malaria eradication. In this article, we present the realization of a portable device for quantitative malaria diagnostic testing at the point-of-care. The device measures optical absorbance (at λ=405  nm) of single cells flowing through a(More)
In this work, an optofluidic flow analyzer, which can be used to perform malaria diagnosis at the point-of-care is demonstrated. The presented technique is based on quantitative optical absorption measurements carried out on a single cell level for a given population of Human Red Blood Cells (RBCs). By measuring the optical absorption of each RBC, the(More)
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