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Query formulation is one of the most difficult and important aspects of information seeking and retrieval. Two techniques, term relevance feedback and query suggestion, provide methods to help users formulate queries, but each is limited in different ways. In this research we combine these two techniques by automatically creating query suggestions using(More)
This paper evaluates undergraduate students' knowledge, interests and experiences with 20 topics from the TREC Robust Track collection. The goal is to characterize these topics along several dimensions to help researchers make more informed decisions about which topics are most appropriate to use in experimental IIR evaluations with undergraduate student(More)
In this study, we seek to understand how providing feedback to users about their performances with an interactive information retrieval (IIR) system impacts their evaluations of that system. Sixty subjects completed three recall-based searching tasks with an experimental IIR system and were asked to evaluate the system after each task and after finishing(More)
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