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The effects of gap width on the transmission coefficient of vacuum-ultraviolet light through submicrometer-period, freestanding transmission gratings are reported. Results from computations and an analytical waveguide model are shown to be consistent with experimental measurements. These results show that thin gratings with narrow gaps and thick gratings(More)
Solar wind plasma observations made by the Ulysses spacecraft through -80.2 degrees solar latitude and continuing equatorward to -40.1 degrees are summarized. Recurrent high-speed streams and corotating interaction regions dominated at middle latitudes. The speed of the solar wind was typically 700 to 800 kilometers per second poleward of -35 degrees .(More)
With nonperturbative laser-induced fluorescence measurements of ion flow, we confirm numerical simulations of spontaneous electric double-layer (DL) formation in a current-free expanding plasma. Measurements in two different experiments confirm that the DL is localized to the region of rapidly diverging magnetic field. The measurements indicate that the(More)
The Medium Energy Neutral Atom (MENA) imager was developed in response to the Imaging from the Magnetopause to the Aurora for Global Exploration (IMAGE) requirement to produce images of energetic neutral atoms (ENAs) in the energy range from 1 to 30 keV. These images will be used to infer characteristics of magnetospheric ion distributions. The MENA imager(More)
The polarization and transmission characteristics of freestanding gold transmission gratings, with 200-nm periods, for extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) radiation (1 < 200 nm) have been measured. We find that EUV transmission through the gratings is dominated by the waveguide characteristics of the gratings and that polarization efficiencies of 90% for wavelengths(More)
We report observations of asymmetric optical pumping of argon ions accelerating in a magnetic-field gradient. The signature is a difference in the laser-induced-fluorescence emission amplitude from a pair of Zeeman-split states. A model that reproduces the dependence of the asymmetry on magnetic-field and ion-velocity gradients is described. With the model,(More)
A compact and portable 300 GHz collective scattering diagnostic employing a homodyne detection scheme has been constructed and installed on the hot helicon experiment (HELIX). Verification of the homodyne detection scheme was accomplished with a rotating grooved aluminum wheel to Doppler shift the interaction beam. The HELIX chamber geometry and collection(More)
We report observations that confirm a theoretical prediction that formation of a current-free double layer in a plasma expanding into a chamber of larger diameter is accompanied by an increase in ionization upstream of the double layer. The theoretical model argues that the increased ionization is needed to balance the difference in diffusive losses(More)
Reviewed by: Michael Keidar, George Washington University, USA J. P. Sheehan, University of Michigan, USA Dissociation of CO2 is investigated in an atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) with a simple, zero dimensional (0-D) chemical model and through experiment. The model predicts that the primary CO2 dissociation pathway within a DBD is(More)
We compare measurements of radially sheared azimuthal plasma flow based on time delay estimation (TDE) between two spatially separated Langmuir probes, Mach probes and laser induced fluorescence (LIF). TDE measurements cannot distinguish between ion fluid velocities and phase velocities. TDE and Mach probes are perturbative, so we compare the results(More)