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This article examines the extent and correlates of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use among a population-based sample of California adults that is highly diverse in terms of sociodemographic characteristics and health status. As a follow-up to a state-wide health survey of 55,428 people, 9187 respondents were interviewed by phone regarding(More)
There is little evidence for significant intellectual deterioration in well-controlled seizure disorders. With recurrent convulsive seizures, the picture is less clear and depends on severity, type, age of onset, and frequency of toxic levels of antiepileptic drugs (see Table 1). In the interictal state, deficits in verbal language and memory have been(More)
The authors investigated cognition in juvenile myoclonic epilepsy (JME), focusing on frontal functions as suggested by maximal spatial distribution of epileptiform activity seen over frontocentral regions. Fifteen patients with JME (mean age, 34.3 years; mean estimated IQ 101) were administered a battery of tests sensitive to frontal dysfunction. The number(More)
We examined material-specific memory in 45 left hemisphere language dominant patients with temporal complex partial seizures (24 right, 21 left) during the intracarotid amobarbital procedure (IAP) by showing eight cards displaying two line drawings of common objects, two printed words, one colored shape, one math expression, one face, and one abstract shape(More)
Substance P (SP) immunoreactivity is detectable in the rat pituitary by RIA; however, immunolocalization has been difficult. We used a sensitive immunogold silver-enhancement staining technique to cytochemically locate SP in the gland. SP-immunoreactive (SP-ir) cells were seen in anterior pituitary (AP), and occasional SP-ir fibers and terminals were seen(More)
One in six men will develop prostate cancer in their lifetimes; and the risk of dying from the disease is elevated by a factor of at least two among African-American men. Many asymptomatic men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer have their disease detected through a prostate cancer screening examination. The examination often includes both a digital(More)
Substance P-like immunoreactivity (SP-LI) is present in the rat anterior pituitary (AP) and in hypothalamic neurons that may be involved in the control of AP secretion and/or reproductive function. The presence of multiple SP-encoding mRNAs and tachykinin peptides and their regulation by steroid hormones were examined in APs and hypothalami from normal,(More)
Population-based data on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use among cancer sufferers is lacking. In a telephone survey representative of California households (response rate = 68.9%, N = 1845) those who reported a diagnosis of cancer (excluding non-melanoma skin cancers) were asked about CAM use. CAM use is substantial, although with few(More)
OBJECTIVE Patient compliance with emergency department (ED)-generated referral is an important part of the delivery of quality health care. Although many studies from non-managed care health centers have reported on ED patient compliance, no studies have reported on this in a managed care setting. The objective of this study is to examine patient compliance(More)