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The activity and density of the carabid beetle, Pterostichus melanarius, were studied over 10 weeks in a continuous mark-recapture experiment using a grid of pitfall traps spanning a hedgerow and extending approximately 30 m into two cereal fields; 1777 beetles were individually marked. The recapture rate was approximately 60% and 40% for males and females,(More)
Three experiments investigated the nature of the single-item visual recency effect in the serial choice reaction-time task (Rabbitt & Vyas, 1979; Walker & Marshall, 1982). The first experiment demonstrated that, like single letters varying in case, pictorial stimuli yield visual priming that is limited to consecutive stimuli and is unaffected by the(More)
Recent investigations of memory for randomly configured patterns indicate that visual memory can involve distinct short-term and long-term components. The appearance of a visual recency effect that is confined to the last-presented item is believed to result from the active visualization of this item during the retention interval. Studies of the retention(More)
Disclaimer The information contained in this document is derived from a summer field camp for undergraduates in Geophysical Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines. The primary purpose of this camp is to teach students the hands-on use of a wide variety of geophysical methods. Secondarily, this camp focused on the issues associated with aquifer recharge(More)
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