Earl Berkson

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An electrophysiologic mapping technique which enables identification of the central sulcus and pathologic cortical regions is described. Electrocorticographic recordings of 1 min duration were recorded from 25 patients who were undergoing resection of tumors in the sensory-motor region or being evaluated for temporal lobectomy for epilepsy. Analysis of the(More)
We generalize the respective " double recurrence " results of Bourgain and of the second author, which established for pairs of L ∞ functions on a finite measure space the a.e. convergence of the discrete bilinear ergodic averages and of the discrete bilinear Hilbert averages defined by invertible measure-preserving point transformations. Our(More)
This note describes the pleasant features that accrue in weighted settings when the partial sums of the operator-valued Fourier series corresponding to a multiplier function ψ : T → C are uniformly bounded in operator norm. This circle of ideas also includes a Tauberian-type condition on the multiplier function ψ sufficient to insure such uniform(More)
Let G be a locally compact abelian group, and let u-* Ru be a uniformly bounded, strongly continuous representation of G in a closed subspace X of Lp(p), where p is an arbitrary measure and 1 _ • p • c •. We show that under appropriate circumstances the representation R will transfer to X the bounds for square functions defined by sequences of(More)
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