Ean Fontaine

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Future underwater vehicles will be increasingly called upon to work in cluttered environments and to interact with their surroundings. These vehicles will need sensors that work efficiently at short range and be highly maneuverable at low speed. To obtain insights into principles and mechanisms of low-speed operation in cluttered environments, we examine a(More)
This paper presents a method for model based automated tracking of multiple worm-like creatures. These methods are essential for accurate quantitative analysis into the genetic basis of behavior that involve more than one organism. An accurate worm model is designed using the geometry of planar curves and nonlinear estimation of the model's parameters are(More)
The Quick Image Display (QUID) model accurately computes and displays radiance images at animation rates while the target undergoes unrestricted flight or motion. Animation rates are obtained without sacrificing radiometric accuracy by using three important innovations. First, QUID has been implemented using the OpenGL graphics library which utilizes(More)
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