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Translational recoding of mRNA through a -1 ribosomal slippage mechanism has been observed in RNA viruses and retrotransposons of both eukaryotes and prokaryotes. Whilst this provides a potentially powerful mechanism of gene regulation, the utilization of -1 translational frameshifting in regulating mammalian gene expression has remained obscure. Here we(More)
Procedures for assessment of arsenic in soft tissue by use of flameless atomic absorption (FAA) and gas-liquid chromatography (GLC), have been evolved, with special emphasis on the analytical distinction among inorganic, monomethyl-, and dimethylarsenic in several oxidation states. The chemical bases for such speciation reside in several properties of the(More)
This paper outlines some challenges for the Web Observatory vision with reference to field notes from a student exchange and research collaboration in December 2013 between the University of Southampton, Tsinghua University and KAIST. These field notes outline a methodological narrative of the practical challenges that we faced in using the Web Observatory(More)
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