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Loading of graphite oxide (GO) with tris(2,2'-bipyridyl) iron(II) ions and subsequent calcination affords a novel graphene-based composite with magnetic and electrically conductive properties. The pH of the starting aqueous suspension and the washing procedure play a crucial role in the successful immobilization of the iron precursor, which is mainly(More)
Fe-filled carbon nanotubes (Fe@CNTs) recently emerged as an effective class of hybrid nanoparticles for biotechnological applications, such as magnetic cell sorting and magnetic fluid hyperthermia. Aiming at studying the effects of both the Fe loading and the magnetocrystalline characteristics in these applications, we describe herein the preparation of(More)
Six [Fe(8)(μ(4)-O)(4)(μ-4-R-pyrazolato)(12)X(4)] complexes containing an identical Fe(8)(μ(4)-O)(4) core have been structurally characterized and studied by Mössbauer spectroscopy. In each case, an inner μ(4)-O bridged Fe(III) cubane core is surrounded by four trigonal bipyramidal iron centers, the two distinct sites occurring in a 1:1 ratio. The Mössbauer(More)
The crystal structures of two mononuclear Cu(II) NH2trz complexes [Cu(NH2trz)4(H2O)](AsF6)2 (I) and [Cu(NH2trz)4(H2O)](PF6)2 (II) as well as two coordination polymers [Cu(μ2-NH2trz)2Cl]Cl∙H2O (III) and [Cu(μ2-NH2trz)2Cl] (SiF6)0.5∙1.5H2O (IV) are presented. Cationic 1D chains with bridging bis-monodentate μ2-coordinated NH2trz and bridging μ2-coordinated(More)
Reaction of piperazine with isothiocyanate (iPrO)2P(S)NCS leads to N-thiophosphorylated bis-thiourea (iPrO)2P(S)NHC(S)NC4H8NC(S)NHP(S)(OiPr)2 (H2L). Recrystallization of H2L from DMSO leads to the formation of the new ligand (iPrO)2P(S)NC4H8NP(S)(OiPr)2 (1). Reaction of doubly deprotonated L with Co(II) leads to the [Co2L2] complex. The thermal properties(More)
The influence of coating on interparticle interactions in ferrofluids has been investigated using various techniques such as Mossbauer spectroscopy, magnetometry, transmission electron microscopy, photon correlation spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, X-ray photoelectron, and resonance micro-Raman spectroscopy. Aging and spin-glass-like behavior was(More)
The mineralogy, morphology, and chemical composition of magnetic fractions separated from fly ashes (FAs) originating from Greek lignite-burning power plants was investigated. The oral bioaccessibility of potentially harmful elements (PHEs) from the fly ash magnetic fractions (FAMFs) was also assessed using in vitro gastrointestinal extraction (BARGE(More)
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