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BACKGROUND Teamwork is an important component of patient safety. In fact, communication errors are the most common cause of sentinel events and wrong-site operations in the US. Although efforts to improve patient safety through improving teamwork are growing, there is no validated tool to scientifically measure teamwork in the surgical setting. STUDY(More)
Networks of the cytoskeletal biopolymer actin cross-linked by the compliant protein filamin form soft gels that stiffen dramatically under shear stress. We demonstrate that the elasticity of these networks shows a strong dependence on the mean length of the actin polymers, unlike networks with small, rigid cross-links. This behavior is in agreement with a(More)
In this article, we describe how to construct a large scale simulation system using the standard message passing interface (MPI) framework which can effectively explore the simulated players' strategy search spaces (i.e., to identify " good " strategies within particular " games " out of large sets of potential strategies) using genetic algorithms. We(More)
The wide-scale adoption of modern smart phones and other multi-radio mobile devices, has begun to provide pragmatic deployment environments for non-cellular mobile ad hoc network (MANET) services (i.e., for disaster recovery scenarios, peered mobile games, social networking applications, etc.). User perceptions of the quality of such MANET services will be(More)
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