Eamon C. Francis

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BACKGROUND Report cards based on various performance measures have become increasingly common for rating hospitals and health care plans. However, little has been done to create report cards at the ambulatory clinic level, nor has there been much comparison of the potential components of report cards. OBJECTIVES To create a report card for ambulatory(More)
A nonaqueous titrimetric procedure was developed for the determination of the dimethyl sulphate, methyl hydrogen sulphate and sulphuric acid content of dimethyl sulphate samples. Methyl hydrogen sulphate and sulphuric acid are determined by a differentiating potentiometric titration in pyridine with tributylethylammonium hydroxide. Pyridine converts the(More)
Schwannomas are indolent benign lesions arising from schwann cells in the nerve. They are especially rare in the paediatric population. We report an interesting case of a swelling in the upper neck, which highlights an atypical presentation of this tumour, as well as the complex details of its clinical, radiological, and surgical management.
BACKGROUND Pneumocephalus is uncommon in craniofacial trauma and a rare occurrence in non-contact sports. It may be asymptomatic or present with signs of increased intracranial pressure and the majority of cases will resolve with conservative management. However, there should be a high index of clinical suspicion to recognise, diagnose, and manage it(More)
High voltage electrical burns are uncommon. However in the midst of our economic recession we are noticing an increasing number of these injuries. Copper wire is a valuable commodity with physical properties as an excellent conductor of electricity making it both ubiquitous in society and prized on the black market. We present two consecutive cases referred(More)
BACKGROUND The incidence of thyroid cancer is increasing. There is conflicting evidence as to why. However, studies suggest that it is not an apparent increase resulting from enhanced diagnostic practices, but a true increase with more affected patients. This study aimed to assess racial variation in thyroid cancer. METHOD A narrative systematic review of(More)
We report the case of a delayed flexor pollicis longus tendon rupture post distal radius fracture and its reconstruction using the “demi-tendon” technique. This technique has been well described in relation to delayed closed flexor digitorum profundus injuries as a method to facilitate primary repair. In this instance, it is a novel application of the(More)
Impalement injuries of the oral cavity are common in children and the potential for serious complications including internal carotid artery thrombosis can be unnoticed. We present a patient who sustained a penetrating injury in which a "tin whistle" caused herniation of the parotid gland which was not detected on clinical examination. We discuss the(More)
We report a rare case that highlights acute pancreatitis as the protagonist of Fournier's Gangrene. This patient was treated with a radical debridement of his perineum at presentation and subsequently reconstructed with split thickness skin grafting. This is an unusual aetiology of necrotizing fasciitis with only one other case reported in the literature.(More)
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