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The coronal and sagittal diameters of the tracheal air column were measured on posteroanterior and lateral chest radiographs of 808 patients with no clinical or radiographic evidence of respiratory disease. The 430 male and 378 female subjects were 10-79 years of age. Assuming a normative range that encompasses three standard deviations from the mean or(More)
A modified receiver operating characteristic (ROC) study was performed in which five readers were asked to locate multiple nodules on images of an anthropomorphic phantom obtained with a prototype digital radiographic chest unit and with a conventional chest unit. Results indicate that when nodules were projected over the lungs, a significantly greater(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of our study was to identify high-resolution CT (HRCT) findings in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and to determine their significance by correlation with clinical findings, plain chest radiography, and pulmonary function testing. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Thirty-four patients with documented SLE were prospectively(More)
Previous studies on the association of ankylosing spondylitis and abnormalities of the lung parenchyma have been based largely on plain radiography and pulmonary function testing. This study, although uncontrolled, is the first to use high-resolution computed tomography to examine the entire lung parenchyma in ankylosing spondylitis patients, and to(More)
A prototype digital unit dedicated to chest radiography was used to examine 50 selected patients for a comparison study of the capability of digital images and conventional chest radiographs to reveal normal anatomic structures and a variety of pathologic states. The images in both modes were submitted for interpretation to seven experienced radiologists(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the nature of pleuropulmonary abnormalities, with particular reference to interstitial lung disease (ILD), in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). METHODS 29 patients were prospectively evaluated using high resolution computed tomography (HRCT), plain chest radiography (CXR) and pulmonary function tests (PFTs). Clinical(More)
The CT findings in a case of granulocytic sarcoma of the pleura are presented and correlated with pathology sections. CT features included diffuse, circumferential pleural thickening, multiple pleural fluid locules and mediastinal adenopathy. Similarities with the appearance of mesothelioma and metastatic pleural disease are discussed and the literature(More)
PURPOSE Multimodality imaging represents an area of rapid growth with important professional implication for both nuclear medicine physicians and radiologists throughout Europe. As a preliminary step for future action aimed at improving the quality and accessibility of PET/SPECT/CT multimodality imaging practice in Europe, the European Association of(More)
Though transthoracic needle biopsy (TNAB) is a well established method for obtaining pathologic diagnosis in lung masses, very often the procedure is only performed after a previous negative bronchoscopic biopsy (BB) attempt. In this study we analyzed the results of TNAB in 129 consecutive patients where one or more inconclusive BB had been performed. TNAB(More)
Mesenteric panniculitis is a rare disease of the bowel mesentery, characterized by tumor-like infiltration by chronic inflammatory cells, fat necrosis, and fibrosis. Reported cases cited clinical presentation ranging from abdominal pain to fever of unknown origin, the majority of which were idiopathic and associated with a benign prognosis. We report the(More)