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Macromolecules secreted into the media by a nondifferentiating suspension culture of tobacco cells were found to be composed of protein and polysaccharide, and to account for the viscosity of the media. The concentration, composition, and viscosity of these macromolecules changed significantly with the age of the culture and growth temperature. The(More)
Cultured tobacco cells exhibited a nuclear reaction in the cytochemical test for acid phosphatase after exposure to 2 percent glutaraldehyde. A slight preference for adenosine monophosphate over beta glycerophosphate as substrate was noted, but the enzymatic activity was not typically 5' nucleotidase. Other aldehydes tested did not elicit the same enzyme(More)
A study of the inactivation of trypsin and chymotrypsin by high pressures was reported previously (1). The effects of high pressure on pepsin and chymotrypsinogen, and on the activation of chymotrypsinogen by trypsin, have now been examined. The effect of high pressure on crystalline pepsin was investigated by Matthews, Dow, and Anderson (2), in particular(More)