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The regiospecificity for the gene product of fad2,(1) the microsomal oleoyl-PC desaturase from higher plants, differs from some previous suggestions. Rather than only referencing the carboxyl group (a Delta(12) desaturase) or the methyl terminus (an omega-6 desaturase), this desaturase locates the second double bond in its substrates by first referencing(More)
Case records of all patients 30 years of age and under with a proven pathological diagnosis of colorectal cancer at Howard University Hospital between January 1955 and December 1977 were reviewed. Over this 23-year period, 14 cases were documented. All patients were black. This study reaffirms the poor prognosis which accompanies colorectal carcinoma in the(More)
From 680 surgical specimens of thyroid disease, 31 cases of thyroid carcinoma found at Howard University Hospital, from January 1950 to December 1975, are reviewed. Eighteen (58 percent) were females and 13 (42 percent) were males. Of the 31 patients, there were 11 patients with follicular carcinoma, 11 with papillary carcinoma, seven with mixed papillary(More)
Background Musculoskeletal problems are common in children. The majority are self-limiting and related to trauma; however the symptoms can be feature of serious medical conditions. It has been previously shown that musculoskeletal examination is poorly documented. Musculoskeletal examination is a station on the RCPCH clinical exam. Teaching resources on how(More)
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