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In this paper, we consider modeling the nonparametric component in partially linear models (PLMs) using linear sparse representations, e.g., wavelet expansions. Two types of representations are investigated, namely, orthogonal bases (complete) and redundant overcomplete expansions. For bases, we introduce a regularized estimator of the nonparametric part.(More)
We are interested in methods for multiple hypothesis testing that optimize power to refute the null hypothesis while controlling the false discovery rate (FDR). The wavelet transform of a spatial map of brain activation statistics can be tested in two stages to achieve this objective: First, a set of possible wavelet coefficients to test is reduced, and(More)
Human brains possess sophisticated information processing capabilities, which rely on the coordinated interplay of billions of neurons. Despite recent advances in characterizing the collective neuronal dynamics, however, it remains a major challenge to understand the principles of how functional neuronal networks develop and maintain these processing(More)
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