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Small intestinal transplantation has had several clinical attempts based on extensive experimental work during the past two decades. Several models, such as auxiliary (heterotopic) or orthotopic models, have been developed in regard to problems with graft immunology and function. The question of mesenteric-portal or mesenteric-caval graft drainage was(More)
The mechanism by which magnesium affects digitalis-induced arrhythmias was studied in dogs with and without beta-receptor blockade. Digoxin was infused at a rate of 2.5mug/kg/min until ventricular tachycardia developed, then half the animals were given MgSO4, the other half saline. In animals given MgSO4, sinus rhythm was immediately re-established; in(More)
BACKGROUND Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) is associated with intestinal atrophy and dysfunction possibly attributed to the absence of the nonessential amino acid glutamine from commercially available TPN solutions because of the instability of the monoamino acid during heat sterilization and storage. The use of stable dipeptides may overcome this problem.(More)
Endoscopy of the upper digestive tract was performed in 338 consecutive patients undergoing cholecystectomy between January 1991 and December 1992. Pathological findings were seen in 160 (47.3%), 6.8% of the patients had peptic ulcers, 1.8% gastric erosions, 25.7% gastritis, 3.2% polyps, 4.7% hiatal hernias, 3.0% oesophagitis and 0.6% gastric cancer. In(More)