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An innovative architecture for compact, integrated volume holographic memories is described. It is based on phase-conjugate readout and on a modulator-detector-memory array implemented in a silicon integrated circuit. The lensless memory module sustains dynamic read-write holograms by periodic refreshing. The integrated circuit is described and(More)
We report on the optical storage of digital data in a semiconductor sample containing DX centers. The diffraction efficiency and the bit-error-rate performance of multiplexed data images are shown to agree well with a simple model of the material. Uniform storage without an exposure schedule is demonstrated. The volume sensitivity is found to be ~10(3)(More)
Invited Paper We examine the present state of holographic random access memory (HRAM) systems and address the primary challenges that face this technology, specifically size, speed, and cost. We show that a fast HRAM system can be implemented with a compact architecture by incorporating conjugate readout, a smart-pixel array, and a linear array of laser(More)
A common problem of many holographic memory systems is that they must occupy relatively large areas in order to accommodate the various imaging optics necessary for system operation. A typical memory system requires an imaging lens system between the input and output devices, such as a spatial light modulator (SLM) and charge-coupled device (CCD). The(More)
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