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S t ra in and s t ress in the g ras shopper wing are recorded by m e a n s of c a m p a n i f o r m sensil la located ven t ra l ly a t t he base of the subcos ta l vein. I n a f ly ing locust, cau te r i za t ion of t he wing groups abol ishes regu la t ion of lift [t ], which a p p a r e n t l y depends on inflow of c o m p o u n d sensory d ischarges(More)
In flying insects control of power by alteration of the setting of the wing relative to the air was suggested for Drosophila by Chadwick (1951), and in Schistocerca Weis-Fogh (19566) discovered that lift was kept constant during extended flights and calculated that this was achieved by active regulation of wing twisting. Wilson & Weis-Fogh (1962) were able(More)
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