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IN a careful examination of the long-term effects of large doses of lead, Zollinger (1953) described the tumours of the kidney in rats induced by repeated injection of lead phosphate. This finding has been confirmed by Walpole (personal communication in Matthews and Walpole, 1958) who also obtained tumours in the kidney by injection of lead phosphate. The(More)
Two hundred seventy-five unprocessed, viable homograft ("homovital") aortic valves were used for aortic valve replacement in patients aged 1.5 to 79 years (mean 45.8 +/- 19 years) with maximum follow-up of a 14-year period (mean 4.8 years). Ninety-two percent (252 patients) had New York Heart Association class III or IV functional status before operation(More)
1. Rat-liver supernatant catalyses the reaction of diethyl maleate with glutathione. 2. Evidence is presented that the enzyme involved is different from the known glutathione-conjugating enzymes, glutathione S-alkyltransferase, S-aryltransferase and S-epoxidetransferase. 3. Rat-liver supernatant catalyses the reaction of a number of other(More)
SENSITIVITY of the bladder epithelium to carcinogenic stimuli was demon-trated by the induction of cancer following the introduction of coal tar directly showed that the implantation of relatively large paraffin wax pellets without added chemicals into the bladders of rats induced papillomas. On the other hand Rudali, Chalvet and Winternitz (1955) were(More)