EP Rodrigues

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Genetic predisposition, environmental toxins and aging contribute to Parkinson's disease (PD) multifactorial etiology. Weak environmental neurotoxic factors may accumulate over time increasing the disease risk in genetically predisposed subjects. Polymorphic genes encoding drug-metabolizing-enzymes (DMEs) are considered to account for PD susceptibility by(More)
This paper presents a bone age accompaniment software – Anacarp. This software is formed by news methodology that work in simplified mode, producing results exempt of the subjective human analyze for the bone growth accompaniment. This presents five manners of the bone age estimation. The first one is based on the area measure of interest ossification(More)
In the present work, a similarity metric based on image difference entropy has been investigated for myocar-dial contrast echocardiography non-rigid registration. The image histogram size has shown to influence registration accuracy, improving results for difference entropy, which has presented better results when compared to other two well known similarity(More)
Skeletal age assessment is one of the important features in analyze of carpal radiography in the pediatric radiology area. Skeletal age can be assessed using a set of features extracted from the hand bones ossification centers. The methods most widely used for bone age determination presents high complexity degree for estimation and this task is extremely(More)
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