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Avoidance of saturated fat and cholesterol by 1,210 Mexican Americans and 866 non-Hispanic whites was assessed as part of a population-based survey of diabetes and cardiovascular risk factors. Participants ranged in age from 25 to 64 years and resided in three socioeconomically distinct neighborhoods of San Antonio, TX: low income, middle income, and upper(More)
Inability to absorb lactose due to low intestinal lactase is common in many population groups. This study is the first to compare lactose tolerance in 282 Mexican-American (MA) children and 51 Anglo-American (AA) children 2 to 14 years of age with the dietary intake of selected nutrients found in milk. A lactose tolerance test and a 24-hr dietary recall(More)
Little is known about the specific effects of defined formula diets (DFD) on mucosal growth of the small intestine, pancreas, or liver. In the present study male Sprague Dawley rats weighing 220 to 250 g were fed isocaloric amounts of DFD (61 kcal/day) by continuous intragastric infusion. The diets fed were Vivonex, Vivonex-HN, Flexical, and Ensure. Oral(More)
Lactose malabsorption was determined in 277 Mexican-American (MA) and 142 Anglo-American (AA) adults aged 18 to 94 years old, and correlated with nutrient intake assessed from 24-hr dietary recalls, as well as with milk and dairy product consumption. Lactose malabsorption occurred in 144 of 277 (53%) MA and 21 of 142 (15%) AA. Analysis of dietary(More)
The effect on the intestinal mucosa of continuously infusing single amino acids, glycine, valine and histidine into the stomach and ileum was compared with saline and an amino acid mixture (AA) in rats fed to parenteral nutrition. After gastric infusion, glycine did not differ from saline, valine increased mucosa in the proximal segments and histidine alone(More)
Magnesium and calcium play multiple dynamic roles in pulmonary structure and function. When magnesium is deficient, the action of calcium is enhanced. In contrast, an excess of magnesium blocks calcium. These interactions are important to the respiratory patient because the intracellular influx of calcium causes bronchial smooth-muscle contraction. The(More)
Twenty-four-hour dietary recalls were obtained on 1254 Mexican Americans (MA) and 916 Anglo Americans (AA), aged 25 to 64, as part of the San Antonio heart study, a population-based survey of cardiovascular risk factors from 1979 to 1982. In order to separate the effects of ethnicity from those of socioeconomic status (SES), we sampled subjects in three(More)
We evaluated cardiac response to weight loss induced by a very-low-energy (VLE) diet similar to commercially available protein-sparing diets. Such diets have been implicated in sudden death, and whether organ and tissue responses to them are untoward is not known. Rapid weight loss was induced in rats with weights ranging from obese to normal, and cardiac(More)