EM Watkins

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Nerve regeneration across a gap in peripheral nerve has been achieved through various nonneural nerve guides in both lower and primate species. This technique can only be useful if the regenerated nerve cable grows specifically to and reinnervates the appropriate distal target. In this study, the proximal peroneal fascicle of rat sciatic nerve was inserted(More)
predicting recurrence of clostridium difficile infection (CDI) in hospitalized patients: Retrospective study of more than 2000 patients. (2014). Nongenomic effects of estrogen mediate the dose-related myocardial oxidative stress and dysfunction caused by acute ethanol in female rats. (2015). Estrogen modulation of the ethanol-evoked myocardial oxidative(More)
This study compared the success of nerve regeneration through conventional nonvascularized and vascularized nerve grafts in the sciatic nerve of rats. The number or size of regenerated axons between the two grafts was not significantly different. In addition, the ratio of axonal diameter to total diameter of the nerve, a measurement linearly related to(More)
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