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We prove that the sequence of projective quantum SU (n) representations of the mapping class group of a closed oriented surface, obtained from the projective flat SU (n)-Verlinde bundles over Teichmüller space, is asymptotically faithful, that is the intersection over all levels of the kernels of these representations is trivial, whenever the genus is at(More)
We establish that Hitchin's connection exist for any rigid holomor-phic family of Kähler structures on any compact pre-quantizable symplectic manifold which satisfies certain simple topological constraints. Using Toeplitz operators we prove that Hitchin's connection induces a unique formal connection on smooth functions on the symplectic manifold. Parallel(More)
HLA--A and B antigen frequencies from 65 different population samples (61 European and 4 non-European) have been tabulated. Pairwise genetic distances were calculated between some of the populations using HLA--A and B data. The distances obtained with these two series were very strongly correlated. Distances obtained with ABO blood groups (in part of the(More)
For each fixed n ≥ 2 we show how the Nielsen-Thurston classification of mapping classes for a closed surface of genus g ≥ 2 is determined by the sequence of quantum SU (n)-representations (ρ k) k∈N. That this is the case is a consequence of the asymptotic faithfulness property proved in [A3]. We here provide explicit conditions on (ρ k (φ)) k∈N , which(More)
A review of the latest results from the WA97 experiment on the strange particle production in Pb–Pb and p–Pb collisions is presented. Transverse mass spectra and yields of K 0 S , Λ, Ξ, Ω and h − (negatively charged particles) have been measured at central rapidity. Yields are studied as a function of the number of nucleons participating in the collision(More)
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