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The genes coding for the Ig light chains expressed in two cases of human follicular lymphoma were cloned and sequenced. In each case, multiple independent isolates of the tumor population were compared. Although each tumor represented a single clone of B cells with a unique V/J joint, different cells within each tumor had accumulated multiple point(More)
A rapid procedure is described for cloning immunoglobulin V region genes from cells that express them. cDNA is synthesized from mRNA template using primers homologous to the immunoglobulin constant-region genes. Blunt-ended, double-stranded cDNA is obtained by sequential addition of enzymes to a single tube. The cDNA is inserted directly into the M13(More)
The synthesis and function of IgE are dependent on IgE-binding proteins, which include cell surface IgE receptors and IgE-binding lymphokines. To further our understanding of the IgE system, we have engaged in the molecular cloning of genes for some of these proteins. In studying the in vitro translation products of mRNA from rat basophilic leukemia (RBL)(More)
The V region sequence of a non-productive kappa transcript from two myeloma fusion partners has been determined. This transcript has an aberrant VJ recombination site resulting in a translation stop site at position 105. It is variably expressed in hybridomas made from all fusion partners derived from the original MOPC-21 tumor. The amount of this(More)
The phenomenon of somatic mutation in expressed Ig V region genes has been well documented in B cells participating in an immune response to several antigens in the mouse (1-6) . In each case, the analyses were carried out by capturing individual B cells and expanding them in the form of hybridomas . V region genes expressed by these hybridomas were then(More)
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