EI Gamri E. Mohammed

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A double blind study of one hundred twenty patients ( ninety schizophrenics and thirty depressives )-who were divided equally into three groups, who received either (a) bilateral ECT or (b) unilateral application of electrodes on non-dominant hemisphere or (c) unilateral on dominant hemisphere was conducted. The three groups were compared regarding efficacy(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetes increases the risk of vascular problems by two times compared with a healthy individual, with deposition of fats in blood vessel and this includes cardiovascular disease. The treatment regimens for patients suffering from both diseases generally include prolonged use of anti-diabetic drugs for diabetes and anti-arrhythmic drugs for(More)
BACKGROUND Prognosis of stroke has been studied in various population. Factors adversely affecting short term survival include impaired consciousness, leg weakness and increasing age. AIM OF THE STUDY In this study, the prognostic effects of age, sex, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and presentation in coma on the survival pattern of stroke patients(More)
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