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  • E Dooley
  • 1990
The case notes of 295 suicides (98.3% of the total) in prisons in England and Wales between 1972 and 1987 were studied. This period has witnessed an increase in the suicide rate far in excess of the rate of rise in the prison population. The most common method of suicide was by hanging, usually at night. There was a frequent past history of psychiatric(More)
The general physiological and more detailed he-modynamic alterations produced in animals by bacterial endotoxins have been reviewed by Thomas (1) and Gilbert (2). It has been shown that after the administration of endotoxin there is a fall in cardiac output which is accompanied by a decrease in auricular filling. Despite the extensive literature on the(More)
Between January 1987 and January 1991, 168 known HIV-infected prisoners have been incarcerated in Dublin's Mountjoy prison. This figure constitutes 16.6% of the total HIV-infected population in the Republic of Ireland over the same period. One hundred and forty-one (84%) of these prisoners have attended the Department of Genitourinary Medicine, St James's(More)
  • E Dooley
  • 2002
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