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Gastrointestinal tract perforations can occur for various causes such as peptic ulcer, inflammatory disease, blunt or penetrating trauma, iatrogenic factors, foreign body or a neoplasm that require an early recognition and, often, a surgical treatment.Ultrasonography could be useful as an initial diagnostic test to determine, in various cases the presence(More)
BACKGROUND Intestinal ischemia is an abdominal emergency that accounts for approximately 2% of gastrointestinal illnesses. It represents a complex of diseases caused by impaired blood perfusion to the small and/or large bowel including acute arterial mesenteric ischemia (AAMI), acute venous mesenteric ischemia (AVMI), non occlusive mesenteric ischemia(More)
The term "biceps brachii" is a Latin phrase meaning "two-headed (muscle) of the arm." As its name suggests, this muscle has two separate origins. The short head of biceps is extraarticular in location, originates from the coracoid process of the scapula, having a common tendon with the coracobrachialis muscle. The long head of biceps tendon (LBT) has a much(More)
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