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The catalytic function and thermal stability of wild-type and mutant recombinant human pancreatic beta-cell glucokinase was investigated. The mutants E70K and E300K, which are thought to be the cause of impaired insulin production by the pancreatic beta-cell and decreased glucose uptake by the liver of patients with maturity-onset diabetes of the young,(More)
Eucaryotic transcription initiation by RNA polymerase II involves protein:DNA interactions during the formation of a transcription complex. In addition to RNA polymerase II there are at least five other general transcription factors necessary for initiation with the adenovirus major late promoter. One of these, TFIIA, is involved in the earliest events(More)
Using the cDNA clone for yeast TATA binding protein (TBP) (1) we have isolated a cDNA coding for wheat TBP from a wheat seedling cDNA library. Wheat TBP is 201 amino acids (wh, Figure 1). Comparison to other plant TBPs (Figure 1) indicates short, and moderately conserved, amino terminal domains. Dictyostelium also has a short amino domain, but it diverges(More)
Mutations in the glucokinase (GK) gene cause type-2 maturity-onset diabetes of the young type 2 (MODY-2) and GK-linked hyperinsulinaemia (GK-HI). Recombinant adenoviruses expressing the human wild-type islet GK or one of four mutant forms of GK, (the MODY-2 mutants E70K, E300K and V203A and the GK-HI mutant V455M) were transduced into glucose-responsive(More)
  • E A Davis
  • The American journal of clinical nutrition
  • 1995
Basic and selected functional properties of simple sugars, sugar alcohols, corn and maple syrups, honey, and high-fructose corn syrups are discussed. Properties that relate to sweetness and properties that play roles in component interaction as a basis for product formulation are described. The implications of such functionality are illustrated for the(More)
Transcription factor IIA (TFIIA) is a necessary component of many RNA polymerase II transcription complexes. Assembly of the transcription complex begins when TFIIA interacts with the promoter. We have previously purified wheat germ TFIIA to homogeneity and demonstrated that it substitutes for human TFIIA in a human in vitro transcription system which(More)
We have investigated the earliest stages of assembly of an RNA polymerase II transcription complex. General transcription factors from HeLa cells were partially purified and assayed using the adenovirus-2 major late promoter. Preincubation of either all the transcription factors (TF) with the DNA or only the subset consisting of TFIIA, TFIID, and DNA(More)
Mutations in human glucokinase are implicated in the development of diabetes and hypoglycemia. Human glucokinase shares 54% identical amino acid residues with human brain hexokinase I. This similarity was used to model the structure of glucokinase by analogy to the crystal structure of brain hexokinase. Glucokinase was modeled with both its substrates,(More)