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A New Genus and Species of Pelagornithidae with Well-Preserved Pseudodentition and Further Avian Remains from the Middle Eocene of the Ukraine
Details of pseudotooth morphology strengthen previous assumptions that the pseudodentition of pelagornithids derives from tooth-specific developmental programs and is homologous to true avian teeth on a molecular level.
Basilotritus uheni, a new cetacean (Cetacea, Basilosauridae) from the late middle Eocene of eastern Europe
Early basilosaurids are demonstrated to be a paraphyletic, morphologically and geographically diverse group of the genera that colonized the world ocean as late as in Bartonian age and were probably the ancestors of Neoceti, as well as of more derived basilosaurusids.
Middle Eocene Pelagornithidae and Gaviiformes (Aves) from the Ukrainian Paratethys
The Ukrainian fossils document profound differences between middle Eocene and extant marine avifaunas of Europe, and whereas themiddle Eocene Paratethyan avifauna appears to have been similar to that of the North Sea with regard to pelagornithid diversity, the absence of prophaethontids and relative abundance of Gaviiformes may indicate faunistic differences concerning the remaining seabirds.
The tarsometatarsus of the Middle Eocene loon Colymbiculus udovichenkoi
The previously unknown tarsometatarsus of the earliest unambiguously identified loon, Colymbiculus udovichenkoi, from the Middle Eocene of the Ukraine is described and is considered to be plesiomorphic for Gaviiformes.
A Sea Turtle (Cheloniidae) from the Middle Eocene of North Caucasus
The incomplete skeleton of a juvenile sea turtle (Cheloniidae) is described from the terminal Bartonian (late Middle Eocene) of the Gorny Luch locality (Krasnodar krai, Russia) as Eochelone sp. The
T. ikoviensis is the easternmost representative of Trionyx sensu lato (sensu Lapparent de Broin 2001) and represents the first discovery of a trionychid skull in the Cenozoic deposits of the Ukraine in particular and the best discovery of this kind from the Censozoic of the former USSR in general.
A revision of fossil turtles from the Kiev clays (Ukraine, middle Eocene) with comments on the history of the collection of fossil vertebrates of A.S. Rogovich
The paper revises material of fossil turtles from the Kiev clays (Vyshgorod and Tripolye localities, Kiev Province, Ukraine; Kiev Formation, upper Lutetian – lower Bartonian, middle Eocene) from the