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Accounting in state-owned companies operated for the production and sale of alcohol in Russia in the fifteenth-seventeenth centuries
The purpose of this study is to research the accounting method used in state-owned companies operated for alcohol production and sale in Russia in the fifteenth–seventeenth centuries. Such an
Russian Accounting Principles and Their Practical Application
  • S. Karelskaia, E. Zuga
  • Вестник ИПБ (Вестник профессиональных бухгалтеров)
  • 2021
Advanced Manufacturing Technologies in Russia: Analysis of Retrospective Information in the Context of Management Tasks of Complex Socio-Economic Systems
The article is devoted to the study of system relations and trends of development of advanced production technologies in the Russian Federation from 2010 to 2018 on the basis of retrospective data,
Wages and Labor Productivity in Russia: Regional Aspect
The presented study examines the statistics of labor productivity and wages in the Russian Federation.Aim. The study aims to analyze trends in the changes of labor productivity and wages in Russia in
Statistics on the Allocation of Infrastructural Facilities in Russia (Territorial and Economic Aspects)
The presented study examines statistics on the construction of infrastructural objects in the Russian Federation.Aim. The study aims to analyze the allocation of federal and regional infrastructural
Accounting for vodka in Russia
Analysis of the application of international financial reporting standards for drawing up consolidated financial reporting in Russia
Purpose The purpose of this research is to study the practice of dissemination of IFRS in Russia, and to disclose the quantitative characteristics of their use. Findings The paper reveals the