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Local Spectral Theory of Linear Operators RS and SR
Abstract.In this paper, we study the relation between local spectral properties of the linear operators RS and SR. We show that RS and SR share the same local spectral properties SVEP, (β), (δ) andExpand
The aim of this paper is to study properties of sequences that are recursively defined by a linear equation and their applications to the truncated moment problem in connection with the problem ofExpand
Solving the general truncated moment problem by the r-generalized Fibonacci sequences method
We give in this paper a new method for solving the generalized truncated power moment problem. To this aim we use r-generalized Fibonacci sequences and their associated minimal polynomials. WeExpand
Recursive relations, Jacobi matrices, moment problems and continued fractions
We investigate in this paper the link between the moment problem for recursive sequences, the associated Jacobi matrices and the associated analytic functions. We generalize some classical results byExpand
The Interior of Bounded Point Evaluations for Rationally Cyclic Operators
AbstractLet T be a bounded rationally multicyclic operator on some separable Banach space X, B(T) be the set of its bounded point evaluations and Ba(T) be the set of its analytic bounded pointExpand
Generalized Toeplitz Operators and Cyclic Vectors
We give in this paper some asymptotic von Neumann inequalities for power bounded operators in the class \(C_\rho \cap C_{1,} .\) and some spacial von Neumann inequalities associated with non zeroExpand
Back to RS-SR spectral theory
Let X, Y be Banach spaces, S : X → Y and R : Y → X be bounded operators. We investigate common spectral properties of RS and SR. We then apply the result obtained to extensions, Aluthge transformsExpand
Spectra of operators with Bishop’s property ()
Let X be a Banach space and let A(X) be the class that consists of all operators T ∈ £(X) such that for every A ∈ C, the range of (T - λI) has a finite-codimension when it is closed. For an integer nExpand
Γ-Hypercyclic Set of a Bounded Linear Operator
In this paper, we are mainly concerned with the study of some spectral properties and examples of a new set defined by Γhyp(T ) := {λ ∈ C such that T − λ is hypercyclic}, where T is a bounded linearExpand