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A 32b VLSI CPU chip
This paper will cover a fully-integrated 32b VLSI processing system with six VLSI chips, containing up to 600,000 transistors/chip. Chips are: 32b CPU, I/O processor, memory controller, 128Kb RAM and
A 32-bit VLSI CPU chip
A fully integrated 32-bit VLSI CPU chip utilizing 1 /spl mu/m features is described, which provides the functions of an advanced mainframe CPU.
Practical design considerations for a variable center frequency, constant bandwidth, and constant peak-value active filter
Frequency active filters are designed by treating the operational amplifier as ideal. Consequently, the actual circuit's performance may depart considerably from what is expected. This is
32-bit VLSI system
The design of a fully integrated 32-bit VLSI multiprocessor is outlined and special system and circuit design tradeoffs have been made to preserve high throughput.
Seccombe: vlsi technology packs 32-bit computer system into a small package
The new HP 9000 computer is presented, which is a compact, highly capable 32-bit computer system that incorporates five very dense integrated circuits made by a highly refined NMOS process.
A 32b VLSI system
A fully integrated 32b VLSI processor system, consisting of a set of 6 VLSI chips containing up to 660,000 transistors, fabricated in a 1μ MOS technology, will be described, with emphasis on the